Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY: Crackled Phone Case Design

My phone case is an "incipio" that is extremely durable but not too bulky. However, it was white, and therefore quickly became dirty. I tried painting it several different colors of nail polish (hence the slight bits of turquoise you see in the picture below) but it came off quickly. I had just bought the lavender Essie and started painting it on. As soon as I did, it began to form these crackles (I have absolutely no idea why). The final product below was how it naturally turned out when I painted long strokes on the case. After the purple dried, I added the gold sequins in some areas. I can't promise you this technique will work-but if you have an old case, it might be worth a try!

DIY: Add Lace Hem to Yellow Summer Dress

DIY: Add Lace Hem to Yellow Summer Dress

I had bought this yellow dress (on sale) from a Francesca's store a couple weeks ago. I loved the crochet top, but thought it needed a little something more. After finding lace that matched the crochet perfectly, I pinned it along the bottom (after hemming it) and sewed it on! It made such a different to the dress. Be careful when you're working with spandex though, it can do some weird things when you're sewing it!

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