Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Classy Outfit: Business Nautical

Hey girls! So this is one of my timeless favorites! It's great for when you're running around (either in and out of air conditioning or when it's a bit chilly out). Remember you can always take off the blazer for a less formal/cooler look. I usually match this with a simple brown purse with gold details. 

Blazer: Forever 21
Work shirt: Express
Shorts: Macy's (They're actually "Bermuda" length shorts rolled a couple of times
Bracelet: J. Crew 
Sunglasses: Marshall's


  1. You've nailed it with the "business nautical" description! It's interesting how you can just pair those few colors together and instantly create a sea side vibe. Also, your technique of "rolling" the bermuda shorts is a great idea! I'd never thought of that before. Great look!

    Brianna, Favorite Fashion Blogs

  2. Thank you! Give it a try! I've found that they fit me much better than regular shorts!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!


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