Monday, July 21, 2014

Francesca's Discount Jewelry Retouched

So of course, I found this adorable bracelet on sale at Francescas! However, it was this orange color (sorry, bracelet is backwards in photo). Unfortunately, I dont have much orange in my wardrobe...

When I got home I whipped out the nail polish and painted away! I chose to do tan and white (boring, I know!) because it would match with so much! For those that are interested, I used Sally Hansen's nail polish! As you can see, I need to take a pin and finish up the sides! Not too bad though! If youre worried about the nail polish coming off, you can always add a clear coat. 


  1. I like to wear out-of-the-ordinary color as an accent. ...pop the orange bracelet on with an aqua dress or with something gray to liven it up. I like the nail polish idea, though. That's a great way to freshen up something old in your jewelry box, too!

    1. I'll have to start doing that! For I while I considered pairing it with a yellow shirt... just not brave enough yet!

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