Thursday, July 24, 2014

Makeover: Fun Polka Dot Skirt (Medium)


Hi again! So many blog posts so quickly! It's wonderful! Here's another relatively easy fashion makeover. Once again, I found another skirt that fit the waist well, but just wasn't doing "enough". After playing around with the fabric, I decided I liked it best gathered to the upper right side! It really transformed the skirt to a more flirty look (I LOVED the blue lining underneath). This took me 20 minutes in total (it should take you only 15, if that). I have a video coming up soon with step by step instructions on how to accomplish this in case some of you need it! 

Thread (thread should be a bit darker than material's color)

1. Put the skirt on and gather it to the right or left upper side. You're going to have to play with it a bit to see how much you want gathered and where exactly (mine started puckering in certain places). 
2. You need to pin it in order to secure it which can be done a couple of ways... 
a. someone can pin it while it's on you
b. you can pin it while it's on you
c. you can tightly pinch the fabric while you take off the skirt..once the skirt is off and you have a free hand you can pin it! *I used 7 pins to secure my "bundle"
You can sew it while it's on. The only problem with this is that you will be able to see the thread on the outside. It's quick and easy, but may not be best for the long run! 
3. Begin sewing! It just needs a simple stitch. I turned the skirt inside out and did several stitches to secure the "bundle" of fabric. 

**Warning: this one may need a lot of adjusting! Good luck! Comment if you have questions! I apologize if my instructions are unclear (they definitely are). I'm still getting a hang of this! Hopefully videos will help.


  1. Great post!!

  2. That skirt is so stinking cute on you!


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