Thursday, July 24, 2014

Makeover: Gray Pleated Skirt (Easy)

*No Sew

Hi Everyone! So this is a super easy project! I loved this high-skirt I found and it fit perfectly except for the length (in my opinion). I matched it with a polka dot shirt from H&M in this picture and black heels. However, you can definitely liven it up with some color. 
Measuring tape or a measuring stick
Fabric Pencil ( mine was yellow)
1. Try it on and find the length you want it cut at (if you're not sure, always go longer than what you think you might like! It's near impossible to add once you've taken material off).
2. Mark a line 
3. Take the skirt off and measure from the edge of the skirt to the line (mine was 6 inches). 
4. Continue measuring and drawing lines around the skirt (as many as you feel comfortable. You'll be using these lines as a guide when cutting!)
5. Start cutting! Try to make long smooth strokes (less chance of jagged material) and stay even. 
6. This material cut so nicely that I didn't even need to hem it. If you're using a lighter material or you mess up cutting (aka jagged edges) you may want to consider hemming it). 

Overall tips:
*I can't stress how important it is to be cautious when cutting! Always go longer if you're unsure! If you end up messing up and needing to do a hem- you're skirt is going to be even SHORTER than originally anticipated!
*If you don't have a fabric pencil, Joanne's sells them for <$5 (I would get yellow or a color that you don't usually pick for material). 

Here's another way to wear the skirt!

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